Laser Cutting Vs Waterjet Cutting

There have been discussions over whether a waterjet or laser cutter is better to use when cutting materials. It’s often a difficult question to answer simply because both machines have the ability to offer clean cuts and are versatile. However, there are some machines which work better for some situations. Choosing between laser cutting and waterjet cutting is not impossible, but maybe it would help if you knew a few things about them both. More details!

Performance and Abilities

Waterjet cutting offers a clean cut to a wide variety of materials and can often work more effectively at times also. However, waterjet cutting is limited to cutting only, whereas laser cutting can also engrave and other engraving tasks. Laser machines also offer a clean cut, and in a way, the laser machine performs slightly better than the waterjet in terms of its engraving abilities. However, that doesn’t mean to say the waterjet isn’t still impressive. The laser does offer better precision cuts and edging which can be far more appealing for certain industries and tasks. If you want to engrave items then you really have to choose the laser cutter as they are able to handle such tasks. Waterjet is about cutting and cutting only, so it’s not ideal for engraving or etching tasks.

Which Is Faster?

Typically, laser cutting is a faster process than waterjet, although that too is fairly quick, but the laser cutter does have a slight advantage over that. When it comes to results, both options offer something very unique and impressive. There is no doubt that both waterjet cutting and laser cutting are able to offer something very useful for professionals and at-home DIY enthusiasts. However, if you want to save a little time and energy then you really should opt for the laser cutter. If you’re cutting with wood or glass, lasers might be the more suited option at this time. Check this site:

Which Should You Use?

Choosing between waterjet and laser really comes down to personal preferences and choice. You may initially like the idea of waterjet cutting because it looks easier and faster; however, when you actually try it, it might not be a process you prefer, especially if you’re engraving or want a sharp cutting edge. That being said; you might find the laser machine isn’t able to handle as much materials as the waterjet and that may be frustrating. Again, its personal choice and what you are specifically trying to achieve.

Making the Right Choice

For years lasers have been used to quicken the time it takes to cut wood and glass, and with the introduction of waterjet cutting, it has caused many people to get a bit confused over which way they should turn. It’s not difficult to see why so many people have problems with making a decision as both the laser and waterjet machines offer something of real value. It’s very much possible to get something which makes your cutting tasks easier and more effective. A laser cutter can be an ideal tool to fall back on and it might just be what sets you apart from the others.


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