The Best Mom Cars That Aren’t Minivans

The minivan was not always the dreaded symbol of age that it has become today. In fact, when minivans first appeared in the eighties, they were seen as cool by some, but those days are long gone. If you should say the word minivan, people will instantly be flooded by images of rushing children to soccer practice and tireless, endless motherhood. And although several minivans have been revamping the frumpiness associated with this type of vehicle, many people still want nothing to do with them. Regardless, you still have kids. You still have many responsibilities that require a car both spacious and practical for your family. With these qualities in mind, we have compiled a list of the cars that best suit the needs of a mother without succumbing to the dreaded label of minivan.


Although on the pricier end of our selection, the BMW X5 is really a bargain when you think about it. Appearance wise, it looks like sleek and tough sports utility vehicle, one that would be just as comfortable off-roading in the desert as it would be driving tamely down suburban streets. You will love the optional third row for any extra travellers, and dads will love  the 400 horsepower V8 engine. the BMW X5 is truly a vehicle that can satisfy the whole family.

Ford Flex 

Billed by Ford as an anti-minivan of sorts, the Ford Flex can tick off all the functionality boxes you have, all the while providing a sleek and sexy profile that is sure to turn heads. It is available in two versions, either a V8 365 horsepower or a more traditional V6. Either way, the fuel economy on this vehicle is not something to overlook. The sexiest things in life are sometimes the most efficient.

Honda Odyssey 

Okay, so this one may look like a minivan, but to dismiss the Odyssey purely based on its appearance would mean you are overlooking one of the best family cars on the market. Yes, it may resemble a minivan, but a closer look at the appearance reveals a careful attention to design and engineering. The Odyssey possesses a sleekness and sophistication that overcome the fact that it is a four-door SUV marketed to families. What’s more, the Odyssey is an entertainment powerhouse, offering a built in DVD player, high definition screens, and even HDMI input. The exterior may look like a minivan at first sight, but there’s no mistaking that this car is a cool luxury vehicle.

Kia Sorento 

The least expensive car on our list, the Kia Sorento does not possess some of the luxury features we’ve seen in previous entries; however, what it lacks in luxury, it makes up for in spades with efficiency. Its appearance is simple and innocuous, but a closer look reveals functionality in all the areas that you’ll need it: LED turn signals, an optional third row, and a responsive V6 engine. Efficiency never looked so good, and at just a hare over $30,000, your wallet will thank you.


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